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When did Jenna and Greg get engaged?

      We were engaged on June 27, 2005 after dating for just under three years.

How did it happen?

      Returning home from play practice for "Sweeney Todd" in Dexter, I (Jenna) opened the door to our home to find Greg dressed up, on one knee, in a decorated and clean apartment, and a ring in his hand. He asked me to marry him, saying he's loved me since the first day we started dating, and I, of course, said yes!!

Did he ask her dad's permission?

      Yes! My parents were vacationing in California. On the day of the engagement, Greg had been desperately trying to get ahold of them. They had been gone all day marching around various vineyards, and when they finally returned to their hotel, the clerk notified them that Greg had been calling for them repeatedly, saying "something about your daughter." Mom and Dad were panicked and feared the worse, but luckily it was just Greg calling to ask Ed's permission. Ed and Sharon granted it happily and then gave him the appropriate verbal spanking for scaring them!

What's the ring like?

      The ring is beautiful and can be seen by clicking here or by visiting pictures, and then clicking on "The Ring." The most important thing about the ring is that Greg designed it with Mr. Schlanderer of Schlanderer and Sons, knowing only that I wanted something unique. It has a cushion shaped, brilliant diamond weighing 1.01 carats, surrounded by fourteen small diamonds, totalling up to a 1.25 carat ring. It is VS2 level clarity (very slightly included or internally flawed, very clear, in otherwords), and has a color grade of E (the second best!). The setting is "gypsy" which means that the stones are flesh with the ring's surrounding surfaces (it's great because it doesn't snag!).

Have you picked a date?

      Yes! September 8th, 2007.

Have you picked a location?

      Yes! We are planning on getting married on my parents beautiful, 18 acre woodland property. They have a flat, grassy surface next to a stream that we think will be perfect. Although it will be an outdoor wedding, it will be in a tent, so stop worrying. Both the ceremony and the reception will be held here. Thanks to Jenna's parents for being so supportive of this decision! You can see pictures of the area by clicking HERE or by visiting pictures, and then clicking on "The Location."

Where are you two going on your honeymoon?
We're going on a beautiful cruise to Alaska.

Who is in the wedding party?
Corrina Gauss (friend of the bride and groom) will be our Maid-of-Honor

Robert Kotowski (friend of the bride and groom) will be our Best Man

Katie Selby (friend of the bride and groom) will be a bridesmaid

Nic Lutton (friend of the bride and groom) will be a groomsman

Caitlin Crawford (sister of the bride) will be a bridesmaid

Matthew Brand (brother of the groom) will be a groomsman

Alison Oehler (sister of the groom) will be a bridesmaid

Paul Oehler (brother-in-law of the groom) will be a groomsman.

Who designed the website?
      Greg set up dreamweaver on the computer, and then jenna went to work!

How can I get in touch with you two?

      You can send all wedding related e-mails to wedding@gregorybrand.com!